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Tribes Ascend out of beta

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Hi-Rez Studios has announced the official launch of Tribes Ascend.

Tribes: Ascend releases with nine playable classes, five game modes, and sixteen unique maps, along with its feature list, which includes jetpacks, skiing, vehicles, and team-based competitive gameplay. The game is available as a free-to-play shooter with a free download from the game’s official site.

Tribes: Ascend’s beta included over 575,000 beta participants, and racked up over 150 million player kills. The beta recently released the CTF map Raindance and the new Capture and Hold game mode. Custom Server functionality will also be available soon.

Hi-Rez Studios also publishes Global Agenda.

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Tribes: Ascend Launches Today as Free-To-Play
Anticipated fast-paced shooter now generally available

ATLANTA. April 12, 2012. Hi-Rez Studios, independent developer of AAA free-to-play online games, today announced the official release of Tribes: Ascend. The fast-paced, sci-fi multiplayer shooter has completed Beta testing and is now a live PC game available for digital download.

Tribes: Ascend is the world’s fastest shooter. The game features jetpacks, skiing, vehicles, team-based gameplay, and cutting-edge graphics using Unreal 3 technology. With this official release, the game is available for download directly from the developer at

The Tribes: Ascend release build includes 9 playable classes, 5 game-modes, and 16 unique maps.

Recent additions include the CTF map Raindance, as well as a new game-mode called Capture and Hold. The Release build also includes a preview of the Custom Server functionality that will soon be available to players.

Hi-Rez Studios also released a summary of Beta statistics including:
· 575,000+ beta participants
· 150 million player kills
· Over 3 million Blue Plate Specials
· Over 3 million flag captures

“For the past 15 months, we’ve had a very passionate dev team working hard toward this goal”, said Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios COO. “Along the way some publishers told us modern gamers couldn’t handle an FPS that was fast-paced and skill-based. We believe otherwise. Players seem to agree since we’ve had well over 500,000 join our Beta. We’re excited to now grow the community further with the official release.”

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