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Tribes: Ascend adds Team Deathmatch

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Tribes: Ascend is still in closed beta, but new gameplay has launched for its gunners.

Team Deathmatch is now available in the game, currently on two maps: Drydock Night and Crossfire. After the first death in the match, a flag spawns, and teams earn bonuses for each kill made while the team holds that flag. A new challenge, “First Win of the Day,” grants additional XP and token bonuses for players’ first victory each day, and a new call in, “Orbital Strike,” has been introduced. Several balance changes and bug fixes were also implemented.

Tribes: Ascend is published by Hi-Rez Studios, which also publishes Global Agenda.

Tribes: Ascend Gameplay Screenshot


Patch Notes for December 1, 2011
Tribes Closed Beta Version 0.1.585.0
Server downtime: The Tribes Servers are expected to be down for several hours on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2011 while the patch is deployed. Watch the Server Status in Hi-Command for latest availability information.
Major Highlights since Version 0.1.562

  • The Team Deathmatch gametype is now available for play on two maps (Drydock Night and Crossfire).   Upon the first death in the match, a flag will spawn. Your team earns a bonus for each kill made while the team holds the flag.
  • Added a “First Win of the Day” Challenge that rewards additional XP and tokens upon your first victory in a day. The “day” begins at 09:00 UTC time.
  • Added the “Orbital Strike” call-in (default bound to “3”).   It is similar to the Tactical Strike, with a much wider radius and higher credit cost.
  • Reduced the token amounts required to unlock classes.
  • Settings: “Reduce Weapon Size” option has been added along with many others, including an option to disable help messages and an option to disable framerate smoothing.
  • Matchmaking: Very basic match-making segmentation to help lower ranked players play with lower-ranked players.
  • Fixed a number of bugs that caused sudden speed drops when skiing or jetting uphill. Other issues may remain. Please report as you find them.
  • By default, objective icons for all major elements on a map (generators, vehicle stations, equipment stations, etc) are now shown when you first enter a map. Hit “O” to turn off the markers.

Balance Changes

  • General: Increased both the time before health regeneration begins and the duration of the regeneration.
  • General: The credit reward for a kill assist has been increased.
  • Brute: The Fractal Grenade is now available for testing.
  • Brute: The Heavy Spinfusor now does more damage to vehicles and base turrets.
  • Doombringer: Minor improvements have been made to the missile tracking on the Saber Launcher.
  • Juggernaut: The Heavy AP Grenade’s damage to players has been increased.
  • Juggernaut: The Heavy AP Grenade’s damage to generators has been reduced.
  • Raider: The Grenade Launcher’s damage has been slightly reduced.
  • Ranger: The AP Grenade’s damage to players and generators has been reduced.
  • Survivalist Perk: Reduced the health and ammo gain to 20%, down from 35%.

Additional Items

  • Several crash fixes
  • Variety of modifications to existing CTF maps for balance and visuals.
  • Code was added to fix/prevent the “godmode” damage bug that sometimes occurs.
  • The loading screen has been updated to include map name, game rules, and various gameplay tips.
  • The Rabbit scoreboard has been improved.
  • The class screen now highlights the Pathfinder and Juggernaut classes (the least expensive) if you have not unlocked them.
  • Summary window may be closed at match end to allow for chatting and VGS use.
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