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Tiny Realms Engages in Global Warfare from Today on iPhone and iPad

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Tiny Realms Great War

From today real-time strategy fans can engage in fantasy warfare on a global scale as Tiny Realms launches throughout North America, Europe and other territories for iOS devices.

Tiny Realms includes a completely unique game mode called Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds is a modern take on classic strategy board games mixed with the latest in online mobile games technology. Now strategy game fans around the world can fight and collaborate with each other as they battle for domination of the Realm of Light.

Battlefield reports will keep players up-to-date on the changing frontlines between player factions in real-time. As key positions with the world of Tiny Realms change hands players will be able to react and join the battle for victory as it happens.

War councils will be called at the end of each period of conflict and the top faction champions will vote on the next point of attack whether it’s to extend or retake territory.


Currently rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Canada App Store, Tiny Realms is the first true real-time strategy game for iOS devices featuring a rich, fantasy storyline and brand new innovation.

In Tiny Realms players build and govern a fantasy realm, assemble armies and wage war against opposing factions. Key features include:

  • Real-Time Strategy – Deep, tactical gameplay in the style of classic strategy games.

  • Battlegrounds – Global multiplayer warfare pitting faction against faction every day. Players collaborate and compete to conquer the Realm of Light.

  • Warpath – Use Warpath to trace a route of attack with your finger for precise control of units in battle. Place troops like a true General and use your tactical skills to outflank and crush your enemies.

  • Three Playable Factions – Dwarves, Humans and Tegu: Each faction has its own buildings and unit characteristics.

  • Epic Single Player Story Mode – Over 50 story mode quests unique to each faction. Encounter giant Ogre Bosses and super loot quests throughout a rich fantasy universe.

  • Create Warbands – Combine melee, ranged and siege units into elite fighting groups.

  • A Living Fantasy World – A rich, dynamic universe that will be updated with more content for fans with regular feature and storyline updates from launch onwards.

Tiny Realms FactionBattlesScreen

“Tiny Realms is the first game of its kind to offer true real-time strategy on a global scale for iOS devices,” said Alex Mendelev, CEO at TinyMob Games. “Battlegrounds redefines what it means to be a gamer on mobile. We’ve delivered the kind of experience that wouldn’t be out of place on a console or PC and we’re delighted to be the only games studio to give that experience to gamers.”

Tiny Realms is a free-to-play real-time strategy game available for iOS 7 and above on iPad, iPhone and iPod. Visit to see the Battlegrounds trailer, learn about all the features and join the Inner Realm, the Tiny Realms community.

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