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Tibia adds world quests

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Tibia’s summer update has been released today, and adds a brand new feature – world quests.

World quests are large missions which require the cooperation of a large number of players to complete missions. World quests can involve factions, specific choices that influence the missions’ outcome and the world itself. The update also adds a new quest line for beginners that guides them through the first and less dangerous areas of the Mainland.

Tibia is published by Cipsoft.

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Tibia – Summer Update changes the world

Regensburg, 7 July 2011 — Tibia is one of the oldest MMORPGs worldwide and just released another world changing summer update today. From now on players are able to shape and change their game world in so called “world quests.”

World quests are highly complex missions, which can only be accomplished if dozens or even hundreds of Tibia players cooperate on these tasks. The outcome and success depends on the ability of players to work as a team and the choices they make, i.e. which side or faction they choose to support. All these factors will have an influence on the quest, the results and in many cases even the flora and fauna of the whole game world itself.

“World quests add a lot more depth to the gaming experience.” says Florian Jumah-Eckert, Product Manager at CipSoft and responsible for Tibia. “Tibia is a highly competitive game. Some players and guilds are at war with each other for years. World quests however now encourage them to cooperate once again for a greater goal – at least for a while.”

Players love to have some impact on the game and to make a difference in their world. With the introduction of world quests, players now do have some influence on the shape of the game world they are playing in. Their actions matter.

In addition to world quests, which are mainly designed for higher levelled players Tibia also offers a new quest line for beginners. Right from the start, the new Tibian is now taken by the hand until he enters the more dangerous areas of the Mainland island. The comprehensive quest leads the player through various smaller tasks, introduces different monster types, teaches successful fighting strategies and shows him around the Tibian world in general.

All updated features are available as well in the flash client of Tibia, which has just been released recently and is still in open beta.

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