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Dungeon Punks Reveals Combo System

Dungeon Punks Reveals Combo System

With Dungeon Punks just two weeks from release on console, Hyperawesome has revealed more details on the game’s combo system.

Dungeon Punks is an arcade style brawler that allows players to create their own crazy custom combos in unique ways! By choosing a tag team of two wild mutant heroes who each have their own special moves, every player gets to combine two sets of spells into custom attacks. These are just three of the huge number of devastating combos players can string together during play, which we’ve dubbed “The Ice Beast”, “Aerial Pain”, and “Ghost Bomb”.

In “The Ice Beast”, the Djinn freezes enemies with his Ice Beam spell, at which point the player tags in with the Were-witch hero. As Were-witch he casts Mark of the Beast, fracturing the frozen horde while gaining temporarily increased Melee Damage. The Were-witch then proceeds to mercilessly slam the frozen enemies with his newly enhanced mace combo attack.
To execute “Aerial Pain”, the Tempest Knight whips herself into a spiraling tornado with her Silver Gale spell, sucking nearby enemies into the vortex and carrying them away. As she sails across the screen the Drakken Warrior tags in, immediately dropping to a crouch to roll through the storm. Upon reaching the eye of the storm, he casts Celestial Escape to fly backwards to safety, zapping the engulfed monsters in destructive lightning attack.

For “Ghost Bomb”, the Hierophant casts a Ghost Circle spell of petrification around herself, temporarily turning all nearby enemies to stone. The Dwarven Alchemist flies in from above, slamming the entombed enemies and then springing away while dropping a bomb into the mix via Explosive Escape. At the last minute, he hurls fiery Napalm across the screen, engulfing the monsters in flames while the bomb blasts the whole ensemble to smithereens.

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