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The Secret World Game Director Letter Looks Ahead To Issues #9 and #10

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TSW Flappy

The Secret World’s latest Game Director Letter for January 2014 is available, and is looking ahead to the latest raid and to Issues #9 and #10.

The Whispering Tide, an open raid against the Bird of the Zero Point Pathogen, will go live in a few days, with a maximum of 40 players. The fight will be available for 30 minutes every 3 hours, and will grant a reward bag, silver, and fragments, along with possible rare rewards including vanity items and rare raiding materials.

TSW Issues 9 and 10

Meanwhile, the team is working concurrently on Issues #9 and #10, which will open the road to new content in the Tokyo playfield. New missions, bosses, a scenario, lair, and other challenges will face players, while areas like the “Love Hotel” will take advantage of the game’s Mature rating. All of this content will be leading up to Issue #11 and the wrap-up of The Secret World’s first story.Read up more on the coming content, along with new outfits coming to the game, here.

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