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Tata Blitz Combat Mechanics Revealed

MMOHuts Default Image 604x339 today unveiled the combat mechanics for their new and exciting free to play browser-based 2D third person shooter, Tata Blitz ( With a lively and comical cartoon style and featuring a variety of interesting maps, characters, weapons alongside both PVE missions and PVP modes, Tata Blitz is ready to storm onto the international stage! Visit for more information.

To enter into a PVE battle room, players will need to be at the Arena and choose “Crime Center.” From there they can choose which boss map to enter, based on the wanted poster selected Players can choose from Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulties depending on the party size and reward desired Up to four players can work together to defeat these crime lords.

Players will need to band together to take on larger challenges; in PVE, players are all on the same team – the boss is the enemy. Every player will have one chance to be resurrected during encounters, and will do so with full HP. The second death however, will be the player’s doom. Resurrecting does not reset the cooldown timers on a player’s weapons or skills.

There are two distinct PVP modes in Tata Blitz: Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. True to its name, the Deathmatch pits two teams of players against each other, and unlike PVE combat, there is no second chances, as resurrection is disabled during all Deathmatches. Positioning and prioritizing enemy targets will ultimately dictate whether a team is triumphantly or soundly defeated. The first team to eliminate all of their rivals will be declared the victor!

In Capture the Flag, players are challenged to grab and return their foes’ flag. The first team to return 15 flags will be crowned as the winners; flags will spawn randomly on the map in one of three possible locations. While a flag is carried by a hero, they cannot use any weapons or skills, instead relying on their teammates to keep them safe while they return their precious cargo to their base. If a player is defeated in combat, they will resurrect after 5 seconds within their base; this does not reset the cooldown timers on a player’s weapons or skills, just like in PVE.

To learn more about the game and watch for an open beta date visit or follow the game on Facebook at

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