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Dragonica Online launches on October 15th

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Although it’s already been launched in Europe, Dragonica Online is produced for North America by THQ*ICE. Today, the announcement was made that Open Beta would end on October 15th, 2009, and the game would celebrate its Grand Opening.

Celebrations for the Grand Opening include opening Kundaren Dungeon, starting the guild versus guild combat of the Emporia War, a chance to win $10 game cards, new cash shop items, increased gold and experience, and more.

Dragonica Online Grand Opening

Dragonica Online Grand Opening

THQ*ICE’s Announcement:

Regardless of whether you started playing during our Alpha Test, Preview Beta Test, Closed Beta Test, or Open Beta Test, your journey to the world of dragons has reached a new milestone. Dragonica Online will be ending its Open Beta Test with its Grand Opening on Thursday October 15th, 2009. To celebrate this momentous event, a bevy of new content, events, contests, and more will be released throughout the next two weeks leading up to a certain holiday event. Read on for a summary of the celebrations!

Read about all the celebrations on the official Dragonica Online website.

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