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Tango 5 Reloaded Nears Closed Beta Period on PC

Tango 5 Reloaded News -image

Tango 5 Reloaded from Nexon is nearing its Closed Beta date and will bring real-time, 4-on-4 combat on grid-based maps against opponents around the world. The game tests players’ agility, vigilance and ability to form tactical strategies to eliminate their challengers. Tango 5 now has a ‘Coming Soon’ page on Steam for PC and following this, an Open Beta will be available to all Nexon/Steam account holders from July 18th, 2018, to July 25th, 2018.

Tango 5 Reloaded’s distinctive features include:

  • Capture or Annihilate – Players utilize diverse characters, strategies, and tactics to eliminate the enemy and capture battlefield objectives. This mode is survival of the fittest, where it pays to think quickly and execute precise maneuvers to destroy tough opponents;
  • Epic 4-on-4 Battles  Teams of 4 compete in head-to-head, player-vs-player (PvP) matches against challenging adversaries from around the world, where teamwork and strategy are the keys to victory;
  • Skill-based Rewards – There is no pay-to-win in Tango 5 Reloaded. Experience, skill and critical thinking will edge-out the competition when the battle heats up;
  • Rapid-fire Gameplay – Each match is a best of 3 competition with rounds lasting only 120 seconds, forcing players to rapidly strategize, react and execute maneuvers to eliminate enemies.
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