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Summer Has Arrived in Black Desert Online with the Terrmian Festival Update

Black Desert Terrmian Festival

Today PearlAbyss and Kakao Games announced that the Terrmian Festival will be added to Black Desert Online as a free update.

The Terrmian Festival is a big summer event and a new area called Terrmian Water Park will open to give players a vacation-like experience. Terrmian Water Park is a beautiful beach resort located near the town of Olvia. It will be welcoming visitors after today’s maintenance.

In this grand-scale summer festival, adventurers can play mini-games and participate in many events to receive rewards. By visiting designated event locations and by helping different NPCs with their quests, players can earn Terrmian coins. With these coins, players can engage in fun carnival mini-games like Save Our Summer, Spooky Tale, and Bang Bang Bang! as well as participate in a variety of daily quests. Earn Terrmian Seals by completing these mini-games and quests, then turn them in for useful in-game items.

Furthermore, Marine Romance outfits have been made available in the Pearl Shop for a limited time only (until August 2) and players will receive an additional combat EXP boost throughout the event period.

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