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Star Trek Online Season 13.5 Launches July 18 (PC)

Star Trek Online Season 13.5 Launches July 18 (PC) News Header Image

Tensions will rise in Star Trek® Online, as captains will soon have access to a new update to Season 13 – Escalation. On July 18, Season 13.5 launches on the PC version of the 100% free-to-play MMORPG based on the Star Trek franchise. This mid-season update sends players on a dangerous prison break mission to rescue General Martok, voiced by J.G. Hertzler from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” Season 13.5 also introduces a Ferengi Admiralty Campaign and the new Endeavor System, which provides captains with special challenges for rewards.

Season 13.5 opens with a new featured episode called “Brushfire,” where captains are tasked with a mission from legendary Klingon General Rodek, voiced by Tony Todd. He requires their assistance to break into a secret Son’a prison to extract Martok, a powerful Klingon general played by J.G. Hertzler, who originated the role in “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” The Alliance hopes that Martok will be the key to defeating the Tzenkethi, who continue to terrorize the galaxy with weaponized use of protomatter.

The mid-season update for Season 13 – Escalation marks the debut of the new Endeavor System, which offers captains new challenges to complete for rewards. Players can participate in a new endeavor every few days and earn immediate rewards for completing specific in-game tasks. In addition, Season 13.5 introduces a new Ferengi Admiralty Campaign, which lets captains send ships on assignments to earn resources in support of the Ferengi Alliance.

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