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Star Trek Online Delta Recruitment Begins Now

Star Trek Online Delta Recruitment Begins Now Post Header

The looming Iconian war is the greatest threat the Galaxy has ever faced. Enlist now.

Over the next eight weeks, both novice and veteran players will have the opportunity to earn unique rewards when embarking on a tale five years in the making and only available in Star Trek Online. In an effort to deliver unique Star Trek adventures for science-fiction fans, the Delta Recruitment event unveils the invasion of the Iconians – an ancient race threatening to reassert their rule over the galaxy – creating a call-to-arms to combat this ultimate threat.

New characters created during this event will unlock several rewards including gear and upgrade materials through both personal and community-wide goals. Existing players will receive a new character slot and account-wide unlocks in order to keep their alternate characters up to speed while leveling new recruits.

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