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Spirit Tales explains Open Beta delay

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In response to the sudden delay of the Spirit Tales open beta test, community manager Elliott (Colbeagle) has posted answers to some commonly asked questions on the KoramGame forums.  The team felt the game was not quite ready for release, due to some unforeseen problems that recently cropped up.  The team wishes to make sure the game is polished and ready for players new and returning alike.

With the delay, the release schedule has also been adjusted accordingly.  KoramGame still plans on an aggressive approach to releasing new game content for everyone to enjoy, which has not changed.  Players will be able to download the Spirit Tales client starting on May 3 to prepare for the May 10 launch.

Additionally, the company is doubling the amount of prizes they are giving to players who participated in a contest on Facebook.  They are truly thankful and apologetic the event did not pan out like they expected, which was to bring the game into open beta sooner.

Spirit Tales open beta is set to launch at 4:00pm PST on May 10, to allow the majority of players to get right into the game.

For more information about the upcoming beta, check out our interview with KoramGame.

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