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Space Strategy Focus Group Test Registration Now Open

Space Strategy Focus Group Test Registration Now Open

HanbitSoft Inc. is recruiting 300 participants for the Focus Group Test of Space Strategy, an AR space battle game, starting from October 6th until 12th.

Space Strategy is a futuristic, tactical simulation game set in outer space developed by T3 Entertainment Inc. and published by HanbitSoft Inc. The game has been attracting attention with its combination of AR and GPS functions. This feature allows users to view constellations depending on their location.

Users can build their own bases, create spaceships, and battle against players from around the world using various strategies. In order to boost solidarity and competition among users in many different countries, a global one build system is planned for the game. Users can also earn fame worldwide by building their own spaceships, attacking enemies, and looting enemy bases while enjoying rich scenarios.

Be among the first to experience the constellation search feature that combines AR and GPS by signing up for this FGT. The FGT will run for 5 days starting October 13th until the 17th. Users who will pre-register from October 6th to 12th can participate in the test.

Those who want to join should visit the pre-registration page ( and submit the information required. The test schedule and download information will be sent to all registered participants. Those who fill out the survey after the test will be given Crystals (Cash) which can be enjoyed in-game and $10 T-Coins which can be redeemed from T3Fun. The FGT registration page is also linked from the T3FUN official website ( Only 300 slots are available so sign up today!

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