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Shotgun News 9/16: Warframe, PlanetSide 2, Silent Hunter Online, and Much More!

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Warframe Launched Update 10

Even though it is still in Open Beta, Warframe has launched the 10th and one of the biggest updates yet. Shadows of the Dead brings new environments, weapons, game modes and much more. Including the introduction of The Conclaves which allows duels with anyone. There are even a few new things for the clan dojo.

Planetside 2 Begins World Domination Series

A call to arms has been released as the World Domination Series Pre Season begins today! Every week will bring a new objective for players to complete, every week there will be an empire winner and after 5 weeks there will be only one winner of the pre-season. Scores are handed out for holding territory and capturing it from the enemy. And best of all a leaderboard is available.

Silent Hunter Online Dives into Open Beta

The newest browser based free to play MMO has launched into open beta. Silent Hunter Online is a WWII submarine simulation from Ubisoft and Blue Byte. It has immersive weather, and an all new level of realism. And registration for it all is going on now.

Nexon to Aquire Thingsoft

Thingsoft, the developer who brought us the FIFA Online franchise is being bought by Nexon. The acquisition will be handled through Neople which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nexon. Prior to this Thingsoft was purchased by Neowiz in 2006 after FIFA Online launched. Thingsoft’s next project, a sandbox MMORPG titled Project NT is scheduled to launch next year.

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