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Shotgun News 12/9: NSA, Archlord, Alfheim Tales Online, and Much More!

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NSA Watches You Game

According to a news report released by The Guardian today the NSA and UK’s equivalent GCHQ are in your MMOs….looking for terrorists. An NSA document written in 2008 titled Exploiting Terrorist Use of Games and Virtual Environments described online games as a “target-rich communications network.” Targets that have been announced include World of Warcraft, Second Life, Xbox Live and others. It has also spawned a very popular hashtag on Twitter with everyone wondering about #ThingsNSAFoundInWoW So next time you’re thinking about ERP with that pretty little Elf remember, she might be the NSA.

Alfheim Tales Online Open Beta Announced

After what seems like a whirlwind of a closed beta Alfheim Tales Online is gearing up for Open Beta. Beta begins this week on December 11th at 10 am…or maybe it’s already started. The press release says both today and December 11th. Perhaps it was written in the future and sent back in time. Either way, Beta is coming.

Dungeons & Golf Unveiled for iOS

On December 11th the makers of Rappelz and Flyff will launch their first free to play mobile title, Dungeons & Golf. It will first be introduced in Canada and Australia on the Mobblo mobile game platform. There will be weekly tournaments, character progression, and much more. To find out more check out the trailer below.

Remnant Knights Shutting Down

The end of the year is often plagued with announcements of MMO closures. Sadly there are two to talk about today. The first is Remnant Knights which will be closing on January 31st. Compensation for Sambas spent will be available for November 1, 2013 and onwards. The closure is taking place due to the agreement with MIN Communications coming to an end.

Archlord Sunset Announced

The second MMO closure of the day comes from Webzen. This time around it is Archlord which is getting the chop. Client downloads and shop purchases will end on December 11th, so if you ever wanted to try Archlord the time to do so is now. The game will however remain open until January 1st. There will be a 400% EXP and drop event and more information about compensation will be coming. Finally, Archlord players will be rewarded in some way when Archlord 2 is released.

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