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Shotgun News 11/15: Dragon’s Prophet EU and Playstation 4

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An Everquest Legend Returns…to Dragon’s Prophet

A new set of Dragon Packs have gone on sale for Dragon’s Prophet. And they include Nagafen from Everquest. For a limited time, that is Tuesday, November 19th (next week) three pack options are available. Ranging from €14.99 for the Indigo Flare pack to €42.99 for the Great Dragon pack. The packs not only have dragons but everything you could need for your dragons.

Playstation 4 Launches

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Today marked the North American release of the Playstation 4. And available at launch are two MMOs, DCUO and Warframe. Of course if you’re in Europe the PS4 won’t be available for another 2 weeks. Both games are free to play, however DCUO also has an ultimate edition which costs $29.99.

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