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Ship of Heroes introduces The Warehouse District

Ship of Heroes - Warehosue District

A new update has come in the new year for Ship of Heroes, and it comes with a new zone: The Warehouse District. It’s a zone in the southeastern corner of Apotheosis City, which is the capital of the ship-state FHS Justice. The custom-designed Warehouse District will be another setting for missions, as well as a great place for patrolling and street-sweeping. In fact, SOH has already built a mission map appropriate for this area. This is the main trade area of the ship, and it is a place of imports for transfer to the engines below, and the rest of the ship above. Beyond being a staple of many superhero adventures, a Warehouse District makes sense in the FHS Justice’s because Apotheosis City is the main trade area of the ship; the district holds imports for transfer to the engines below and the rest of the ship above, and exports waiting for smaller cargo ships to take them. It will also bring with it some new buildings, such as administrative offices and possibly some hidden areas. Not all of these will be available now, but perhaps in the future. All environments in Ship of Heroes are custom designed to create a new, unique world for super-powered adventures.  The Warehouse District is designed with horizontal and vertical movement and combat in mind for flying and non-flying characters, so it is dotted with stairs, ramps, and walkways. Further details can be found in the link below.

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