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Seal Online Announces Its Most Awaited Update of the Year

Seal Online News - Image

A huge update is coming to PC adventure MMORPG, Seal Online: Blades of Destiny as of today. It’s the “6th Grade Evolutions” for pets, where every pet can evolve up to 6th grade now. That means there will be 37 new evolutions to achieve with improved stats. The Pet System in Seal Online lets users create their own pet from the beginning, whether it comes from eggs or seeds. As it grows, it will strengthen and help the user in battle. For normal pets, the players should follow the procedure of speaking with their pet trainer, and use 4 base materials/6 random materials. These materials can be found in dungeons as well as in the world. Premium Pets can only evolve using an Evolution Leaf, which is obtained in the Item Mall.

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