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ArcheAge Update Introduces a New World Boss: The Black Dragon

ArcheAge Black Dragon Boss

The latest update for gamigo’s ArcheAge arrived (May 17th, 2019) and with it came a new, terrifying threat. A beast, black as night lurks in the skies of the Ridgeland mountains. Only the bravest of Erenor’s heroes dare tackle this beast, the mighty Black Dragon. The different factions, Nui, Haranya, and Pirates, have to defend Erenor against the dark beast. If the players succeed in defeating this mighty foe, the ruthless PvP battle for its treasures commences. Harpoons are no longer a threat to the Black Dragon. Heroes have to rely on their unique skills and excellent teamwork. Victors will have the chance to earn new Black Dragon weapons, which can also be obtained by awakening the Tier 2 Red Dragon weapons.

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