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Royal Tank Corps Coming Soon To World of Tanks

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Wargaming has announced that the Royal Tank Corps British line of tanks will arrive with its next update, Update 8.1.

The update introduces medium and light tanks to the British line, including the Vickers Medium Mk I, FV 214 Conqueror, Centurion Mk. I-XI tanks, Matilda, and Churchills. More tanks will come to the British line in future updates, including SPGs and tank destroyers.

The update will also overhaul the rendering and lighting system on five additional battle arenas and add three new premium machines.

“The Brits invented the first tank, pioneering the evolution of the whole industry, and it’s an honor for us to greet them in World of Tanks. They are so close, you can hear their tracks rolling!” said Mike Zhivets, World of Tanks Producer. “Their looks are as daunting as their guns, and I’m sure the Brits will make great competitors to other nations in World of Tanks.”

World of Tanks: Update 8.1 Screenshots

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