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Requiem launches major update

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Requiem has launched a major new content update, designed to offer new content for high-level players.

The update raises the level cap up to 85, and adds new second job skills, equipment, weapons, and quests. A new premium dungeon (Nova Lux) and treasure dungeon (Numaren) make their introduction as well. In addition to the new content, all races and jobs have undergone a job skill rebalancing, and the DNA system has been expanded.

Requiem is published by Gravity Interactive (WarpPortal), which also publishes Ragnarok Online and Dragon Saga.

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The world of Ethergia will never be the same!”

MARINA DEL REY, Calif. (October 14, 2011) – WarpPortal’s dark fantasy MMORPG REQUIEM releases the newest content update today! Level cap increase, new weapon and armor sets, and new dungeons will be available to players as they take on new quests while developing new job skills to fight against terrifying enemies. More information can be found at

Highlighted features of this update include:

  • Level cap increase from 79 to 85.
  • Job skill re-balance and changes to every race and job.
  • New 2nd job skills added to each class.
  • New equipment and weapon sets including multiple armor sets added.
  • Nova Lux premium dungeon and Numaren treasure dungeon are open.
  • New quests with DNA points.
  • DNA expansion and supplement update.

We hope everyone enjoys contents we have added and changes we have made” states Casey Wing, Producer for Requiem North America. “Many of the contents were in direct response to comments that our users have given us so far, and most importantly, we also made sure that this update is filled with action, adventure, dark fantasy/horror themes and more of the bloody gore that made Requiem a unique MMO for you to enjoy!

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