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Rappelz launches Resurrection Expansion on Feb 24th

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Rappelz has announced that its next expansion for the game, titled Resurrection, will launch on February 24th.

New to this expansion are a continuation of the epic storyline involving the Witch, the introduction of Deathmatch PvP, and new pets (the noble Unicorn, the infernal Nightmare, and the mystical Ifrit). New items for the update include 2 new pieces of equipment for the Rank 7 set for each archetype, and new decorative pets. In addition, character customization has been enhanced, including the addition of 20 new facial marks.

Images for Rappelz Epic VI: Resurrection:

The Original Press Release:

Rappelz Epic VI: Resurrection to Launch February 24th by Gala-Net, Inc.

Sunnyvale, CA – February 9th, 2010 Gala-Net Inc. , a leading free-to-play online game publisher, has announced today the launch of “Rappelz Epic VI: Resurrection” on February 24th.  The new expansion pack will be available to all players on, Gala-Net’s free-to-play game portal.  Epic VI: Resurrection revives the main storyline of the evil Witch and introduces brand new pets to Rappelz.

In Epic VI: Resurrection, the most sinister villain in Rappelz makes her triumphant return: the Witch.  Players are introduced to the humble beginnings of the Witch’s saga with rumors of a girl with mysterious powers.  Those rumors will bring players into an epic continent-spanning journey to discover the truth of the Witch.

Resurrection also introduces 3 new pets to tame: the Unicorn, the Nightmare, and the Ifrit.  The Unicorn is a calm, pure, and holy steed that provides a variety of buffs to its owner.  The Nightmare is a wild beast that is difficult to tame, and its formidable armor makes it a fearsome companion in battle as it will often absorb blows targeted at its master.  The Ifrit is a powerful magical creature that can heal its allies and unleash destruction on its enemies.

Rappelz Epic VI: Resurrection will be available to the North American market this February!  For more information and to download the game, please visit the official Resurrection Site!

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