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OSRS Money Making Guide

OSRS Money Making Guide

Just getting started in Old School RuneScape? One of your first questions is no doubt going to be, “How do I make money quickly in OSRS?” To help you do just that, we have put together this OSRS money making guide.

Keep in mind that it can take some time and effort to make money in OSRS even using these techniques. If you want to speed things up, you can try using a site like to buy OSRS accounts and give yourself a head start in the game.

Try These OSRS Money Making Methods

  1. Count Check

Fresh out of Tutorial Island, talk to Count Check at Lumbridge Castle, and get him to teleport you to the Stronghold of Security. He will only do this one time. But once you get there, you’ll find yourself with an easy opportunity to earn 10,000 gold. Keep in mind you might not want to do this immediately, even though you can. It can be helpful to level up a little bit first so you are ready to take on the monsters in the dungeon.

  1. Develop high-paying skills

A variety of skills can pay handsomely in OSRS. Some of the highest-paying skills in the game include farming for herbs, runecrafting, and hunting. Other skills that also pay well include magic, fishing, mining, cooking, smithing and fletching.

Keep in mind that you will need to unlock certain things in order to make these skills pay out really well. For example, with herbs, you are going to want to unlock ranarrs, which happens at 32 farming.

If you decide to do mining, go after gemstones, volcanic ash, clay and runite. You can also try blast mining.

For fletching, stringing maple, yew and magic longbows can be particularly profitable.

Those who get into cooking can try making plain and pineapple pizza, tuna and karambwan.

If you want to fish, aim to catch monkfish, sharks, dark crabs and minnows.

  1. Thieving

Another great way to make bank in OSRS is to take it from others. Pickpocking the following targets can pay particularly well: vyres, elves, H.A.M. members and master farmers. You only need level 15 with this skill to pickpocket the H.A.M. members, and the profit can be as high as 1.2 million per hour.

  1. Killing bosses

Bossing is not going to be a great strategy for a newbie since these are high level fights. But once you are ready, you can earn a lot of gold by killing bosses like The Nightmare, Vorkath, General Graador, and others.

  1. Simple newbie options

Still struggling to make money at the start of the game? If you are not yet ready for earning gold with higher level skills or combat or do not feel like you can handle the security stronghold yet, there are some simple options that are suitable for low-level characters.

A good starting point is to kill chickens and then sell their bones at the Grand Exchange. Finding ashes at the Grand Exchange and then purchasing an iron scimitar which you can take to Edgeville to kill the level 2 man can also work. Both of these options are available for F2P players. Members can crush bird nests or desert goat horns for money or sell baked potatoes or white berries. It may feel slow-going and frustrating at the beginning, but you will be making progress sooner than you think.

Now you have a better idea what you can do to make money in OSRS. With the money you earn, you can stock up on gear for challenging Raids like Tombs of Amascut. What you learned in this guide also could come in handy if you are playing Fresh Start Worlds in OSRS.

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