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Quantum Rush Online and Quantum Rush: Champions Become One

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Quantum Rush Champions Screen

Since last week the full version of the future racer Quantum Rush: Champions is available on Steam. The Quantum Rush developer team from Berlin has decided to transfer in medium term the multiplayer elements from Quantum Rush: Online to Quantum Rush Champions, to develop Quantum Rush: Champions towards players being able to play the game together with friends.

How exactly this will be implemented is not yet known. The basic idea came from the community in the first place, as many fans had asked if and when they would have the chance to play Quantum Rush: Champions together over LAN.

The idea to introduce a mutliplayer part for Quantum Rush: Champions will be of advantage for international players as playing with Quantum Rush Online, due to the servers being placed in Germany, led to some shortcomings.

But this means as well that Quantum Rush Online is put on ice and the servers are switched off, to bundle all resources to press ahead optimally with the further development of Quantum Rush: Champions.

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