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Quake Champions Update Brings ‘No Abilities’ Mode and More

Quake_Champions_March_Update - Image

As the Early Access for Quake Champions continues to develop, and with it comes huge updates. This one in particular, coming March 15th (Next Thursday) will roll out a free update, with new cosmetics and the first new game mode since the closed beta. Instagib returns, a fun classic where every shot is a one-shot kill! Players start with only the available weapons of the Gauntlet and Rail Gun, and there are no health, armor or power-up pickups to be had. You can still use your abilities and passives, but for those of you who want a more hardcore experience, there’s an option in Custom Games to turn off abilities with the ‘No Abilities’ button. A whole host of Spring Cosmetics are here as well, with colorful pastels to clash against the grim darkness of Quake. Finally, there’s a new Ranked Mode, 2v2 TDM! Grab a friend and head into these 2v2 showdowns.

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