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Phantom of the Kill Enters Holiday Season with ‘Holy Light’ Event

Phantom of the Kill - Holiday Event - Image

Phantom of the Kill is entering the holiday season right, with the Holy Light event. Players can get limited-time versions of popular units in holiday attire, such as Longinus, Aphrodite and Brionac and they will be useful in the Holiday quest events. In addition, the “Holy Knight” event from last year returns, and completing it gives players a chance to obtain Freikugel’s holiday version unit. Fuse limited gear dropped by enemies to acquire even more powerful weapons. This lasts from December 7th through December 31st (Midnight). A new Point Quest event “Holy Light” will kick off starting December 14. Attacking your opponents weaknesses will also give more points.  Form your holiday party and get wonderful rewards. This will occur from December 14th through December 31st (Midnight).

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