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Card Hunter: “Attack of the Artifacts” expansion later this month

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Card Hunter

Deep beneath the smouldering Black Plume Mountain, three sentient artifacts plot and scheme. Many are the terrible monsters that they have recruited to their cause including otherworldly Thought Munchers, baffling Umber Bulks and swarming Plant Pygmies. Yes, it’s the Attack of the Artifacts expansion for the award-winning Card Hunter with all new adventures, cards, monsters and more.

Attack of the Artifacts also introduces organised league play where players can pilot monster decks and explore challenging new multiplayer boards to win prizes including tasty Papa Manchu pizza, treasure chests and unique figures.

Card Hunter’s first expansion set launches this month, bringing new depths to the game that was nominated for Best Debut at the Game Developers Choice Awards and accoladed as the most original game of 2014 by PC Gamer.

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