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Perfect World previews new patch

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Perfect World has posted a preview of the newest patch in the game’s official blog. The patch features skill and instance changes, the introduction of a Multi-EXP system, and an auto-sort feature.

The Previewed Patch Notes:

General Changes

– A new “Multi-EXP” feature is being added to the game.  More information to come soon.

– Auto-sort feature for inventory and stash has been added.

– A Fitting Room has been added to the Cash Shop.  Players can now preview fashions as well as different colors prior to purchasing them.

Skill Changes

– Assassin’s gain 5 points of chi per attack.  (Previously 4)

– Psychic’s White and Black Voodoo have had their duration changed from 60 to 900 seconds.

– Fixed a graphical issue with Barbarian’s Spark Eruption.

– Lowered the aggro/hate values of both Psychic and Assassin skills.

Soul of Vengeance and Soul of Silence have undergone the following changes:

– These skills no longer share a cooldown.

– Duration increased to 10 minutes.

– Cooldown increased to 10 minutes.

– Effects of these skills are no longer dispelled by death.

Instance Changes – Lunar Glade

Trophy Mode – New modes for the Lunar Glade have been added.  Players must complete Frigoris Valley, Insularum Valley, and Nubium Valley to gain access to Trophy Mode.

Single Player Mode – Players can attain shards, fragments, and crystals through this mode.  No quest pre-requisites are necessary to enter.

Team Mode – This mode now has three options.  Players can choose from Imbrium Valley, Smythii Valley, or Cognitum Valley.  All three instances contain different bosses.

– Team Mode requires 3,000,000 coins to enter.  The party leader must pay this fee before the team can begin.

– Monster difficulty in Team Mode has been reduced.  Monster drops have been modified as a result.

– Removed the hidden boss.

– Soulgems will no longer drop from this instance.

– Removed Neo-Deity Mode.

– Two new Level 13 robes have been added to Lunar Glade.  Both can be manufactured using Lunar Glade molds and materials.

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