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Perfect World International Announces Reflections Release Date

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Perfect World Entertainment has announced Perfect World International’s newest update, “Reflections,” will launch on August 8.

The update will introduce a new Realm of Reflection zone and seasonal quests in each city. New advancement paths, mid-level quests, improvements to the low-level experience, better rewards for Nine Trials, and weekly PvP events hope to improve the playing experience for all players and classes.

Perfect World also publishes RaiderZ and Rusty Hearts.

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The PWI team is excited to announce the release date for PWI: Reflections, the latest content update for Perfect World Entertainment’s free-to-play fantasy MMO. Starting August 8, 2012, players can dive headlong into the new Realm of Reflection zone, seasonal quests in each major city, and much more.

PWI: Reflections is an update that should please new PWI players and veterans alike,” said Product Manager Tony Liu. “By adding in a new method for gaining EXP, augmenting our mid-level quest roster, and streamlining the low-level range experience, we feel that PWI has reached a new degree of flexibility. Players now have more options than ever when deciding their path to end-game content. And for those who have already reached high-level, we’ve upped the rewards for completing each of the Nine Trials, added a weekly PVP event within the high-level zone of Morai, and made a host of gameplay improvements that should be noticeable right away.”

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