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Eudemons previews Demon Rising update

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Eudemons has announced that their new expansion, Demon Rising, will be released on December 11th of this year. The expansion will open a new map and questing area, new bosses, and new strategies for high level characters.

The Original Announcement:

Following the successful release of The Divine Path in the first half of 2008, the TQ team is proud to announce that EO’s new epic expansion, Demon Rising, will be launched on Dec.11th, 2009. As that day draws ever closer, the anticipation builds to a fever pitch! In the past few weeks, we’ve revealed the background story and the 5 main Bosses. Now, let’s check out some new features!

New Maps & New graphics
A vast and complicated new quest region will be open to adventurers. Players will be thrilled when they see the fabulous landscapes. The maps are full of unexpected dangers and traps. Players have to keep their eyes open for hidden dangers every second once they step into the filed. It could be a freezing pit, a snowstorm, a blazing flash fire or even toxic wind. Anybody getting into these areas must keep a close eye on their HP bar.

New Monsters and Bosses – High BP & High Damage
There are 5 main quests in total, each one having a main Boss and some sub Bosses guarding it, which is a new feature, as well as the usual assortment of minions. If you think handling them will be a piece of cake, you could not be more wrong. Let’s not even mention the super powerful and cunning main Bosses; even the small ones are very intelligent and endowed with some advanced abilities. Some of them can be focused on a specific class. Sometimes they will suddenly change their target of attack or cast special spells. You would instantly be hypnotized or even paralyzed for a short while in the heat of battle. In that case, you can only count on your teammates to save you.

New Quests – High Difficulty & High Paced
Players will be going through a legendary quest line in this new expansion. There are 5 independent quests, along with some other sub-quests. The Bosses and monsters encountered are many and extremely tough. Moreover, different kinds of dangers and traps will beset the adventurers along the way. Only by defeating the other 4 demon leaders will the players gain the key and other powers indispensable to defeating Avenging Alamut, the final and most challenging leader of the demonic horde.

Players can receive the sub-quests from NPCs when they are doing the main quests. With every completed quest, players will be given a special item as an exclusive reward, which will add attributes to their powers to help them get through the final test. Meanwhile, they can get a lot of exp and god’s blessing. One of the 4 quests will give the players the key to Avenging Alamut.

The new expansion improves the quest system so that players don’t have to spend time waiting in lines. Once ready, they can set off on their journey. And there is NO restriction on daily limits! However, there will be time limits when they are doing the quests! So, it will be a very high-paced gameplay experience.

New Gameplay Mechanics – Teamplay of Different Classes’ Combination and Strategic Cooperation
Since the new maps and monsters are extremely dangerous, team work between different classes’ combinations and strategic cooperation become vitally important. Players have to rely on one another so as to defeat the final Boss, all the while trying very hard not to get killed. To pass the quest requires the right mix of courage and wisdom. Think strategically, and you just may advance to face Alamut. Sometimes, players might need to solve some puzzles to get onto the next stage of the map. Be careful! Wrong answers will sound the alarms and you will be swarmed by monsters!

There are a lot more yet to be revealed! Discover your own miracles. Demons are rising! Be prepared!

More news will be coming up soon! Stay tuned!

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