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Perfect World Entertaiment annouces “Dawn of the Immortals”

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Rise of the Immortals

Perfect World Entertainment today has announced Dawn of the Immortals is coming to North America and Europe this summer for iOS and Android devices. The pre-registration page is now open, and new registrants will have access to a free Mystic Pet Summoning Card, guaranteeing at least a Four-Star Pet for proactive players!

An isometric action fantasy MMO, Dawn of the Immortals challenges players to skill up through 60 levels of thrilling dungeons and epic boss fights, armed with powerful weapons and with the help loyal upgradable pets and fellow players from around the world. Dawn of the Immortals is the premier 3D MMORPG, offering deep player customization, a robust multiplayer suite of guilds, parties, group chat, World Bosses, leaderboards, and PvP and PvE arenas, and more. A full-featured fantasy MMO, Dawn of the Immortals brings a comprehensive cross-platform experience to iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Android devices.

“Perfect World Entertainment is known for outstanding free-to-play games on PCs,” said Fabien-Pierre Nicolas, General Manager of Mobile, Perfect World Entertainment, “and we’ve wanted to bring a full-featured MMO experience to our mobile players. With Dawn of the Immortals, we can do that.”

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