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Atlantica Online introduces ‘lite’ client

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If you’ve been daunted by the large file size of a client download for Atlantica Online, Ndoors has offered a solution for new players – a “lite” client.

The client is only 700mb in size, as opposed to the full client’s 1.85 gig. It allows players to create characters and explore the game up to level 20. Players who wish to play beyond level 20 will need to download the full client separately.

The Original Press Release:

Ndoors Releases “Lite” Client for Atlantica Online

November 5, 2009

Ndoors Interactive today announced the release of a “lite” client for their award-winning strategic turn-based MMORPG, Atlantica Online. The lite client is about 700MB and enables new players to play Atlantica while the full client conveniently downloads in the background.

While playing with the lite client version, players will be able to create characters and explore the beginning parts of the game and experience what it has to offer until they reach Level 20. This version was developed specifically to improve the new user experience and to allow players to get in and play with a lighter download. To play beyond Level 20, the full client is required.

For more information on Atlantica Online and to download the lite client, please visit

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