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PAX Prime Day 3 Recap – Better Late than Never Edition

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Day 3 Cosplay and Bonus PAX Pictures


Crazy that this Judge Dredd is my cousin and I didn’t even recognize him. Well played Grant.

StrifeCosplayCaprice StrifeCosplayCaprice2 StrifeCosplayLadyTinderQueenBee StrifecosplayMinerva1 StrifeCosplayMinervaRook StrifeCosplayRook

Strife Cosplay shots courtesy of S2 Games

AngryCosplayPAXPrime BorderlandsOxygenBarPromo DragonAgeCosplayPAX IronmanPimpSlapCosplay LeagueOfLegendsfemaleHeimerCosplay LeagueofLegendsIreliaCosplay LeagueOfLegendsNocturneCosplay LeagueofLegendsSchoolFioraCosplay LeagueOfLegendsZedCosplay

This concludes our coverage of this year’s PAX Prime. Thanks for stopping by!

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