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PAX East 2015 Day 1 Recap – Trion Worlds, Dreadnought, Indie Games, and Cosplay!

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Starship Empire Kickstarter

Starship Empire

Starship Empire is a bold project where players take command of a spaceship and head out into the galaxy, much like EVE Online, where you can mine, accost others with lasers and missiles, and hire a crew to maintain your vessel. But that is where the similarities end. The graphics are nice and simple, and in addition to flying around in space, you can enter your ship and perform repairs or board enemy vessels to cause damage from the inside! There are definite advantages and disadvantages to each; ship to ship combat might be harder for some as high mobile ships are a pita to land a hit on. Plus if you destroy an enemy ship, you can only salvage the raw materials left floating in space. Boarding and capturing the ship may yield even better results if you scrap it down for parts or materials.

I also liked how if your ship was destroyed it’s not the end; unless you want it to be. You can scrap it down to nothing, or simply have it salvaged and saved. That will probably create a little less grief than you see in EVE. Though I do not know if you can steal ships permanently yet, or if you can somehow salvage it and reuse it. That will come when more gameplay is available, as we were lucky enough to play an incredibly early prototype with many of the pending features still up for debate with the Kickstarter founders. But I really enjoyed what I saw so far, and look forward to more. Definitely check their Kickstarter page out, as they’re only asking for $10k to make this incredibly unique concept into reality.

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