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Pangya celebrates Lucia’s Birthday

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Pangya is holding a new set of events to celebrate the birthday of one of its characters, Lucia.

The events start today, July 7th, and continue until July 28th. Players are tasked on a hunt for Lucia’s lost items, by listening to clues on courses and then find the items on the 18th hole of the course. In-game rewards for returning the items include birthday hats, titles, and Comets. The comets, as well as a new Lucia outfit and new animation accessories, will also be available on sale in the Pangya item shop.

The Original Press Release:


It’s Birthday Time For One Of The Newest And Most Popular PANGYACharacters– Players Can Help Lucia Celebrate With A Lost And FoundEvent, Birthday Comets And a Special Animation Accessory Sale

Irvine, Calif., July 7, 2010 – Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, announced today it has begun the birthday celebration for the popular Pangya character, Lucia, starting today and running through July 28th. The celebration will feature a unique Lost and Found event, Birthday Comets and a very special animation accessory sale! To join in the party, players can visit

Lucia – the newest, and already one of the most popular characters – has already begun the celebration with several birthday dinners, fan meetings and fêtes. However, during the celebration Lucia seems to have misplaced some of her belongings! Players must find her lost belongings so the birthday girl can resume the festivities. Players should listen carefully to the clues then guess the course where she lost her belongings. The players will then find Lucia’s belonging on the 18th hole of the suspected course. When they return Lucia’s lost belongings to her, they will receive exciting in-game rewards, including Lucia birthday Hats, Titles and Comets! Lucia Birthday Comets will also be . available for a limited time in the Pangya Shop. Other birthday events include a Lucia Outfit sale for one week only. Now through July 14th, players can give Lucia a fun new outfit for a
30% discount!

In addition to the birthday events, Lucia is receiving a hot new line of animation accessories: The Lucielago Series! The new Lucielago car comes in three sizzling colors for players to match with her outfits. And for a limited time the Lucielago GT-R will be available in pink. Like all other animation accessories, Lucia will get double item drops
from certain holes and also have a special move when she makes an Albatross or “Hole-in-One”.

“Lucia has burst onto the scene in Pangya-quickly becoming a favorite, so we are sure the players will enjoy the celebrations for her birthday,” said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA. “We’ve pulled out all the stops by offering a fantastic accessory sale along with really competitive and exciting in-game events and giveaways.”

Pangya is a casual online multiplayer golf game that simulates the exciting sport of golf in an anime-inspired style with an immersive fantastical storyline. With varied  landscapes from captivating desert backgrounds to lush green tropics, snowy wonderlands and more, players will find that the once peaceful island of Pangya was interrupted by
evil forces that vowed to destroy the purity of Pangya’s serene nature. It is finally up to the citizens of Pangya to restore it to its former glory by placing the Comet in its rightful place so that nature can be revived. Players will find themselves deeply submerged into a competitive field where they will experience a surge of emotions from excitement to heart-stopping determination of putting the last critical shot amidst mystical elements such as fire-breathing dragons to save Pangya. Players can go head to head in Tournament,
Pang Battle, Team Match or Family Mode. Join Pangya and escape to paradise and swing for the heavens!

Pangya is free for players to download and play, while some items in the game including certain characters, clothing sets, new equipment and accessories will be available to purchase via micro-transaction. The in-game currency in Pangya, called Pang, allows players to purchase items from the game’s shop that will upgrade a character, provide new inventory and equipment, allows them to send gifts to other players and more. Gamers can earn Pang by finishing a hole at par or better and by showcasing powerful shots.

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