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New Snipers Added to Combat Arms

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Nexon has added a pair of powerful sniper rifles to its MMOFPS Combat Arms. The DSR-1 Tactical and DSR-1 Subsonic are both capable of quickly picking off opponents in this tactical shooter. According to the official description provided, the DSR-1 is a ‘bullpup model sniper rifle.’ I don’t know what that means, but it reminds me of Counter-Strike for some reason.

The two new snipers are available in the Combat Arms shop and a short video showing both off in action were provided by Nexon.

Combat Arms DSR-1 Tactical Trailer


The DSR-1 Tactical is the louder and more potent of the two snipers. It has slow reload time, but powers a single powerful shot.

Combat Arms DSR-1 Subsonic Trailer


The Subsonic is equipped with a silencer and fires bullets near the speed of sound. It hasĀ  faster reload time as well.

Combat Arms is one of many modern era tactical shooters and competes with games like Alliance of Valiance Arms, K.O.S. Secret Operations, Cross Fire, Sudden Attack, Soldier Front, and a number of other titles.

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