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New SMITE God Chang’e Released

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Today, Hi-Rez Studios have released yet another addition to the SMITE god roster with Chang’e: Faerie of the Moon.

A graceful magical mage, Chang’e sways to the rhythm of the night sky with a selection of dance-themed abilities. With her Moonflower Dance, Chang’e twirls elegantly on the battlefield scattering flowers, and healing herself and nearby allies. Her ultimate, the captivating Waxing moon dance, deals magical damage and stuns enemies. Each subsequent god being stunned for longer than the last.

The Faerie of the Moon also benefits from her Jade rabbit companion, which will travel back to the shop to purchase or sell an item from anywhere on the map.

To see more of Chang’e for yourself, check out the god reveal video below.

This latest patch update also contains a new golden skin for Vulcan, a Chang’e Bright Moon skin and all-new voice packs.

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