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New Mobile MMORPG, Era of Arcania Coming Soon

Era of Arcania - Main Image

Era of Arcania is a unique mobile MMORPG experience that’s coming to iOS and Android devices late in October 2017. It promises to go beyond the typical MMORPG experience to usher players into a new world of gaming through both its setting and immersive multi-dimensional gameplay. Published by 37Games, EoA will allow players to switch between the classical 2.5D viewpoint of mainstream ARPGs and immersive 3D of newer MMOs, thus combining the best of both worlds. Players can also participate in large-scale guild wars with up to a thousand players fighting simultaneously. Brother will fight Brother in a battlefield that will span across lands and time.

During a battle between Heaven and Hell, an Archangel steals the powr of the devil himself, obtaining ultimate power. Peace was acquired through the work of a great hero, though peace never truly lasts …

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