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MU Legend Launches Faction War Update Today

MU Legend Faction War - Main Image

The highly-anticipated “Faction War” update for MU Legend releases today, bringing all-new content to the ARPG. Guilds will be battling against each other for supremacy of the server by conquering territories and expanding their own personal empires. It’s the first of its kind in the ARPG genre and should be very exciting. A wealth of information is available online, from a pair of developer interviews (here and here), as well as the full patch notes, which are featured below.

Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen Dublin, comments: “This exciting update completes the MU Legend OBT version. Following the success of this update in Korea, we are very keen to see the reactions of our global players.” 

He continues: “This will be the last update for MU Legend’s OBT. From now on we will work exclusively on MU Legend’s official release, which will include the much-anticipated new class, the Spellbinder. It’s the first time that we’re announcing this officially, but it is my pleasure to confirm that we are aiming for MU Legend’s official release in Q1 of 2018.”

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