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Monster Super League Releases Hermite Dungeon

Monster Super League Releases Hermite Dungeon

Monster Super League has released a new update, introducing a new rebirth Astromon, new Hermite guardian dungeon, and new events.

The new rebirth Astromon, Hunter, has five element types. The most powerful types are Light, which has a 50% chance to shock enemies for 2 turns, and Dark, which has a 70% chance to shock enemies for one turn. The Hermite Guardian Dungeon offers players the chance to catch this cute water element crab for the whole month.

A new event, “Astromons Here I Come,” is also running through November 30, offering rewards that include Astrogems, Light/Dark Eggs, energy, gold, Starstones, and more:

  • Use 300 Astrochips → 100 Astrogem
  • Catch 200 Astromons → 100 Astrogem
  • Catch 10 Rare Astromons → 150 Astrogem
  • Catch 5 S.Rare Astromons → 150 Astrogem
  • Catch 1 Legendary Astromon → 1 [High] Light/Dark Egg
  • Awaken Astromon 50 times → 200 Energy
  • Evolve Astromon 20 times → 100,000 Gold
  • Ascend Astromon 10 times → 10 [High] Starstone
  • Feed Astromon 500 Fruits → 5 [Mid] Star Fruit
  • Clear All Missions → 1 [Legendary] Secret Egg

Players will also be bombed with gifts of free Astrogems, energy, experience boosts, and gold to celebrate this month’s new content.

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