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Monkey King Online Open Beta Is Live

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Monkey King Online OBT

Global game publisher Reality Squared Games (R2Games) proudly announced today that after the Alpha Test concludes at 7:00 AM PDT, Monkey King Online will proceed immediately to Open Beta. R2Games invites players to create a permanent player character on the Havoc in Heaven server and begin their MMORPG adventure in earnest.

Player feedback is vital to any Alpha, and the Monkey King Online Alpha Test proved that rule. Player input over the past three weeks has helped produce a leaner, meaner Monkey King Online. Thanks to a focus on system tutorials, PvP functionality, and UI refinements, returning players will find that the Open Beta offers a streamlined browser MMO experience.

New players and veterans alike will discover a host of fresh features, including a full suite of new server events, two powerful Immortals, and a fully functional premium shop. The ranks of the Immortals are set to expand even further in the coming months, opening up new combat strategies for Monkey King Online’s shapeshifting heroes.

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