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MIA Online’s Servers Open and Announce Holiday Patch

Mia Online new server news

MIA Online is a 3D Open World action MMORPG that is currently in Open Beta on Google Play. To celebrate the holidays, they launched new SEA servers, catering to the UTC+08 time zone. MIA Online now has three live servers, and an upcoming series of servers for the UTC-5 fanbase will be coming in January 2019. To celebrate the Holidays, MIA Online has recently added a Christmas Patch that allows players to participate in a series of Christmas Themed Events. These events will run from December 2018 till early January 2019. Players can check in-game to participate. The following events are available in-game:

Holiday Season Patch:

  • Christmas Presents Event (X’mas Present Event): During Christmas season, Players can collect Christmas presents below Christmas Tree in
    every main city.
  • Snow Boss Event: A Snow Boss is trying to play Grinch in the main city! Players must unite to defeat this monster that is terrorizing the citizens of MIA Online.
  • Santa Claus Event: Santa Claus is coming to town to give gifts whether you are naughty or nice!
  • Protect the Christmas Tree Event: Goblins are trying to steal the Main City’s Christmas Tree. Players must help defeat
  • Turkey Meal Event: Pick from 3 kinds of turkeys to get more experience?
  • Christmas Claim (X’mas Claim): Players can collect candy and bells and exchange them for wonderful Christmas themed prizes.
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