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Gamevil’s MLB Perfect Inning 2018 Available Worldwide

MLB Perfect Inning 2018 -image

MLB Perfect Inning 2018 is back and is now available worldwide on both iOS and Android devices. Whether you prefer PVP or ‘Turn Battle’ mode, MLB Perfect Inning 2018 features all 30 MLB teams, a new training system for stat increases, and the “Legend Player System’ as well as exclusive images of Clayton Kershaw highlighted throughout the game. With the help of the MLBPAA, GAMEVIL is bringing MLB Hall of Famers to players’ real-time game via the “Legend Player System,” making player enhancement easier than ever before. The Legend Players will bring retired and Hall of Fame players from the past into the current game, with cards only accessible by participating in various in-game components, such as collecting trophies.

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