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Mentor System Coming to Age of Wulin

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Age of Wulin Mentorship

WEBZEN, a global leader in free-to-play MMORPGs, share information about Senior and Junior Brother system, new feature from the Age of Wulin upcoming expansion – Immortal Legends. The expansion will be available to all European players in May 2014.

The system will allow rookie players to pair up with veterans to enjoy game together, to acquire special benefits but ultimately, to save plenty of time from just playing Age of Wulin.

With the Senior and Junior Brother system, the game progression for the players who just started their adventures in world of Wuxia, will be simple like never before. It will help them understand Internal Skills, or in other words, player’s passive statistics better and will allow experienced players to get special bonuses and gain precious reputation.

AoW Respect

In order to be able to use this feature both players will need to match certain criteria, for example, be in the same martial arts school or have certain level of Internal Skills. The master player, in game called Senior Brother will be allowed to look after two apprentices, called Junior Brothers.

Once the apprenticeship is formed, the Junior Brother will be able to select Internal Skills that they would like to improve. With every 5 levels of the Internal Skills up to level 25 that the Junior Brother gain, both Senior Brother and Junior Brother will receive a reward box with the precious items. They will also be able to participate in special weekly quests. Additionally, as long as the Senior Brother is online, the Junior Brother will also receive health and defense boost.

Age of Wulin Determination

Upon graduation, the Junior Brother will receive special discounts for new Internal Skills and the Senior Brother will receive not only reputation, but also massive amount of Cultiavation points.

With all these benefits and rewards the Senior and Junior Brother system will provide game-changing social experience to new and veteran players alike, and will also allow to build strong Age of Wulin community of players who enjoy spending time together and helping others.

The Senior and Junior Brother system will be introduced with the Immortal Legends expansion in May 2014.

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