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Master of Eternity Welcomes Frame Arms Girl Collaboration

MOE FA Girl Crossover

Fans of the anime series Frame Arms Girl can now play as Suits in Master of Eternity, in a new Master of Eternity x Frame Arms Girl crossover event on mobile.

This crossover event continues throughout the year and includes:

FA Girl Acquisition Events – Participate in exclusive event draws for several of the well-known FA Girl characters, each releasing at a different time up until Tuesday, Dec. 13. Suits will be available as follows:

  • Nov. 15 ~ Dec. 13 – Gourai
  • Nov. 18 ~ Dec. 13 – Stylet
  • Nov. 21 ~ Dec. 13 – Baselard
  • Nov. 24 ~ Dec. 13 – Jinrai

Recognizable FA Girl Weapons – Experience the awesome power of the weapons from the series, available in parts in Lucky Boxes;

Collaboration Asgard Clearance Sale – Collect special keys to clear normal and daily missions;

Rare Gift Opportunities – Earn special gifts throughout the duration of the collaboration, such as 1,000, 2,000, 3,000 or 4,000 gems for acquiring one, two, three, or four collaboration suits, respectively;

Achievement Events – Join in on the action for the Master of Eternity x FA Girl Collaboration Mission Integrated Clear Achievement Event, with point breakdown prizes including:

  • 3,000 – 3 AP Tickets and 3 Enhanced Tickets
  • 5,000 – 5 AP Tickets and 3 Enhanced Tickets
  • 7,000 – 7 AP Tickets and 8 Mini Minis
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