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Elsword – Varnimyr Dungeon Trailer

Demonic energy is seeping from a gaping chasm below the El Tower. Denif opens the seal, and the El Party will find that they are now in Henir’s Realm; the Labyrinth of Ruin is coming to Elsword. In addition to that dungeon, a second is coming, Guardian’s Forest. The Demon Realm update will also bring a new stat in the form of Adaptability; as the El Search party adapts to the Demon Realm, they will regain their stats and also receive a debuff as they’ve traveled too far from the protection of El. The Mystic Enchant System will also make end-game equipment stronger, and Mystic Enchant can be used on select weapons for 200,000 ED and will make their might even greater.

The Demon World Event begins today and lasts until July 24 at 11:59 PM PDT. Clearing the Labyrinth of Ruin and Guardian’s Forest once daily will earn players rewards, such as a Leviathan Fragment and Forginay’s Leaf, which can be exchanged for other items.

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