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Marvel Future Fight Releases X-men Update

Marvel Future Fight X-Men Update

Marvel Future Fight has a new update that adds some new X-Men related features to the game as of yesterday. Magik has a new “Realize Potential” functionality, which is always nice. This update adds all-new X-Men PHOENIX FIVE Uniforms to Magik and Namor. More information was released for new in-game content for the Danger Room, which was released back in September. The Danger Room is a brand-new real-time player versus environment (PvE) dungeon where players enjoy 3 vs 3 battles by fighting in teams of pre-selected weekly Super Heroes to defeat the designated boss first. After clearing Chapter 3-5 [Dark Distance] in Story Mode, new Agents may enter The Danger Room to experience new real-time battles, a diversified reward system, and the opportunity to earn X-Genes easily and engage with Tier-3 characters on a weekly basis.

Today’s MARVEL Future Fight also introduces the following events, including:

  • To celebrate new PHOENIX FIVE uniforms, you will see all uniforms 40% discount from October 1-7.
  • On October 1-9, Agents can participate in the X-Men vs. Inhumans Faction Battle, where the player’s actions on the field, collectively add to the points of their faction to determine if they win or lose. Rewards, including Colossus, will be sent based on ranking and participation in the event.
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