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Steel Avengers: CBT Period Extended

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Steel Avengers

The publisher Koramgame today announced that they plan to extend the CBT period for the new tank MMO Steel Avengers: Tank Uprising. The build-and-conquer strategy game is available as a free download for players in the USA on Android devices through Google Play. The new open beta date is expected to be announced soon, but until then Koramgame have ensured that there is plenty to keep players entertained during the CBT with plenty of contests and in-game goody giveaways! And once Steel Avengers has its full release it will be available to players outside of the US and on iOS as well as Android.

During the official release, Koramgame will add new “Battle Field” content to Steel Avengers: Tank uprising. Now the Alliance can assemble their members to compete in 2 Coast Lines. Each Coast Line has 4 different battle fields name after the famous battle from WWII and each battle field has 9 facilities needing to be conquered! To enter each battle field, the Alliance needs to first compete financially and the top 2 guilds who win the first round will get the tickets to the battle field and compete on the battle power for 20 minutes. Managing the order of participating members and their army formation will have to be tactical and strategic if you aim to win the battle and receive amazing rewards. This new content brings more strategic elements to Steel Avengers: Tank Uprising and makes this an improved classic strategy title.

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