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MapleStory adds Dual Blade class

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The latest major update for MapleStory has added a new class, the Dual Blade Explorer class able to be created at character creation. The new class uses two weapons to fight, a dagger and a Katara (a new weapon type).

Also added in the update are two new Chaos dungeons, Zakum and Horntail. Lots of new temporary and permanent events have been added. Items have also undergone a revamp, now separated by rank and sometimes with hidden potential that must be unlocked.

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The Original Announcement:

v.88 Dual Blade Update Notes

New Content

–          Dual Blade

o    This new Explorer class is now available to play! You can choose to create a Dual Blade at the character selection screen.

o    Dual Blades cannot share cash inventory with characters in the same world.

o    Able to wield a dagger in the main hand and a Katara in the off hand.

o    New scrolls specifically made for Dual Blade are available.

o    Dual Blade specific quests are available at the first job advancement. Keep an eye out for an owl.

–          New Dungeons

o    Chaos Zakum

§  A more powerful version of Zakum is available to adventurers. This boss is available in channel 10.

§  The dungeon is open to characters level 100 and up.

§  Expeditions can be no less than 6 and no more than 30 characters.

§  New loots!

§  Entrance requirements are the same as normal Zakum.

§  Chaos Zakum will drop Advanced Potential Scrolls and Advanced Equip Enhancement Scrolls.

o    Chaos Horntail

§  A more powerful version of Horntail. This boss is available in channel 15. (Currently there is a known issue with the message at the entrance of Horntail stating the event is in channel 13. We will address this in the future.)

§  The dungeon is open to characters level 110 and up.

§  Expeditions can be no less than 6 and no more than 30 characters.

§  Entrance requirements are the same as normal Horntail.

§  Chaos Zakum will drop Advanced Potential Scrolls and Advanced Equip Enhancement Scrolls.

§  A chaos version of the Horntail Necklace is available.

<Click here for more info on Chaos dungeons.>

–          New Items

o    A new weapon called the Katara is introduced along with the Dual Blade release.

–          New Events

o    Dual Blade PQ Bonus EXP (7/21 ~ 8/18).

§  Bonus EXP will be given to the party if there is a Dual Blade in the party.

o    Top Secret (7/21 ~ 8/18)

§  Characters levels 13 or higher can talk to Cassandra to start the quest.

§  The quest can be completed every 30 minutes.

§  After collecting 20 Secret Reports and turning in the quest, players are rewarded with a random prize.

o    Daily 2x Buff (7/21 ~ 8/18)

§  Characters level 13 or higher can talk to the Maple Admin to start the quest.

§  Repeatable once per day.

§  Players are given a Dark Feather, holding the feather for 15 minutes will turn it into a Bright Feather.

§  The player can turn the Bright Feather in for reward; choose between a 2x EXP buff or 2x Drop buff that lasts for 30 minutes.

o    Dual Blade Wedding Event (7/21 ~ 8/18)

§  When two Dual Blade characters successfully marry they are rewarded with a random pet.

o    Summer Drop (7/21 ~ 8/18)

§  Summer themed items that drop from selected mobs all over the world.

§  This event has no level restrictions and is open to all users.

o    New User Promotion (7/21 ~8/18): New registered users will be awarded for completing certain objectives between the event period.

§  Add a Friend: Making 10 friends will reward the player with a VIP Teleport rock.

§  Moon Bunny Bonus EXP: New users who participate in the Moon Bunny PQ will receive 25% bonus EXP upon completion. This stacks with the Dual Blade Bonus EXP.

§  First Job Advancement: When the player makes first job advancement during the event period, they’ll receive a class specific scroll and a basic Magnifying Glass.

§  A Gift for Reaching Level 20: Upon reaching level 20 during the event period, a 2x EXP Coupon will be awarded to the player.

o    Dual Blade Level Up.

§  When a Dual Blade levels up during the event they will be rewarded with rewards for reaching milestone levels of 20,30,50,70, and 100. Speak to the Maple Admin when you reach the appropriate levels to receive your reward.

§  Dual Blades who start off at level 30 will receive the level 30 reward.

o    Dual Blade Prize (7/21 ~8/18)

§  During the event period monsters all over the world will drop an Owl Sticker.

§  Double clicking the Owl Sticker will reward the player with a random prize.

§  Dual Blades characters who have made their first job Advancement will receive a Dual Blade specific scroll and a chance to win a offline/cash prize.

o    Level 30 Dual Blade Character Giveaway

§  Players who already have a level 30 or higher character in a world can create a level 30 Dual Blade in the same world.

§This level 30 Dual Blade will start with a set of basic armor and weapons. Similar to using Maple Life.

§  Players are given one level 30 Dual Blade per account.

o    AP/SP Giveaway (7/21 ~ 8/17). Enter the cash shop during the event period to redeem. You must enter once to receive the AP Reset, exit and then enter again to receive the SP reset.

§  Players with a level 30-49 character will receive 10 AP Resets and a 2nd Job SP Reset with a 10-day expiration date in the Cash Shop.

§  Players with a level 50 – 69 character will receive 15 AP Resets and a 3rd Job SP Reset with a 10-day expiration date in the Cash Shop.

§  Players with a 70 or above character will receive 20 AP Resets and a 3rd Job SP Reset with a 10-day expiration date in the Cash Shop.

o    Explorers’ Rings (7/21 ~ 7/28)

§  The quest to get the Explorer’s Ring has been extended.

New Cash Shop Items

–          Due to popular demand, One-A-Day items will continue to be sold. Get them while it’s hot!

–          Mastery Packages for Dual Blade class.

–          Additional new items available.

<Click here for more information on cash item list>

New Features

Item Revamp

–          Item Rank

o    Items are now separated into ranks. Items with a white border are Normal, items with a blue border are Rare, items with a purple border are Epic and items with a yellow border are Unique. White items are the most common and unique items are the most rare and hard to get. But they have the best attributes.

o    When an item drops from a monster they have a chance to be Normal, Rare, Epic or Unique. Items that are ranked rare or above will drop in an unidentified state.

o    An unidentified item is shown with a red border. Using the magnifying glass on the item will reveal its potential. Items that are unidentified can be rare or better rank potential. There are restrictions to the magnifying glass depending on the level of the item.
–          Item Potential

o    Under this new system, some weapons now have hidden potential attributes that are randomly assigned. Normal items have their usual attributes but Rare or better items will randomly be given one to three hidden potential attributes. The higher the rank of the item the better the potential attribute will be.

o    A Normal item’s potential attribute are not visible until a Potential Scroll is used on the item. Use a Potential Scroll on the item to make it “Unidentified” then use a Magnifying Glass to reveal the potential.

o    Potential Scrolls can drop from monsters in the world or they can be found by using the Miracle Cube Cash Shop item. Each Miracle Cube used will yield one scroll fragment. Combine five to create a Potential Scroll and 10 to create an Advanced Potential Scroll.

o    Using the Miracle Cube on an identified will reduce it to an unidentified state. Reusing a Magnifying Glass will reveal a new set of Potential traits.

–          Equipment Enhancement

o    Apply an Equipment Enhancement Scroll or Advanced Equipment Enhancement Scroll. Each successful use will increase the item’s stats!

o    The success rate of the scroll will decrease as the number of enhancements increases.

o    Should the enhancement fail, the item will be destroyed. The number of yellow stars above an item’s name shows the number of successful enhancements the item has received. One star means the item now belongs to the Excellent Class and the item name will be in red in the description. Three stars mean Special Class and the item name will show in green.

Follow System

o    You can now follow someone in a map! Simply right click on the person you want to follow and if the player accepts then you’ll tag along!

o    If the follower makes any action moves, the follow state will be canceled. (Move, attack, jump, drink, etc)

o    If the leader makes any attack moves, the follow state will be canceled.

Bug Fixes/Changes

–          Players should now be able to enter the game using the View All character menu.

–          The Pink Bean auto ban issue has been resolved.

–      Players can delete offline buddies from their buddy list.

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